Risk Management & Insurance • It’s About Balance

Risk management is about balancing risk and reward. Making prudent and responsible decisions is a critical part of financial planning and the overall wealth management process. Some risks are more difficult to mitigate than others, so insurance can be a very useful tool. We help clients understand the complexities of their current policies and evaluate whether they are adequately protected so the risks are mitigated. Our goal is to make sure you have suitable levels and types of coverage in place. To assist you in insurance planning, we:
  • Assess your current insurance coverage  We conduct an extensive review of your existing policies, interpreting complicated policy language to clarify benefits, features, and schedules. We identify employer-provided benefits and examine beneficiary designations to ensure they are up to date.
  • Analyze your life, disability, and long term care requirements We analyze your requirements now and in the foreseeable future, to determine whether current levels of coverage are adequate.
  • Examine property and liability insurance coverage We examine and assess whether existing policies appropriately address your risks.
  • Review policy limits  We review and compare them to your assets, to identify any coverage gaps and ascertain whether an umbrella policy is appropriate.
  • Recommend changes to existing coverage and policy structures  We may suggest that certain policies be surrendered, exchanged, or extended, depending upon your needs.
  • Evaluate proposals for additional insurance  Our evaluation is based on product type, principal features, and cost vs. benefit.